three dimensional approach

For an interpreter who does not have enough exposure to English, interpreting from Japanese into English is always a big challenge. Recently I have been trying to visualize a “box” in my mind when I do interpreting from Japanese into English. I call it “three dimensional interpreting.” Since I no longer go to the interpreting school, I don’t have to follow “rules” ingrained by the school and can try new things. In school, you are trained to translate Japanese into English too accurately so that it sometimes sounds clumsy. It is because you convert Japanese words to English but a sentence is still created based on a Japanese logic. Instead of a liner translation, I try to put all information into a box and reproduce a sentence in a different way. You can’t omit information but you can change the order of information in a way that can be more easily understood by English speakers. I am not yet sure if this method is working well but I started to feel less rigid in structuring a sentence. In this way, I don’t have to produce a sentence that is strongly controlled by my memo. I need more work on this since I have not been able to figure out a good balance of when to use a linear approach and a three dimensional. I hope I can get a good feel about this method and improve my output.
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To buy or not to buy: that is the question

I used to read books a lot. I had plenty of time for reading because of my long commuting time. Recently, however, my reading time has become almost zero. Moving to Tokyo and spending less on commuting is one of the reasons for me not reading books but I also don’t want to keep piles of piles of books in my room. Plus, I read really fast. I can finish a book within a day or two and I never read the book again. Spending money on something I use only for a day or two seems wasteful. When I moved to Tokyo, I threw away most of my books and I decided to go to a library instead of buying books…which never happened. Of course a lazy woman like me never goes to a library to read books and hence, no reading time. But recently e-book has become very popular and some of my friends became interested in buying Kindle. One of my friends got it and explained to me how nice it is. She also said that the price is very appealing now due to the appreciation of the yen. I checked it on the web and….wow, it is almost 10,000 yen. Should I buy it? If I have it, I don’t have to get stressed out about all books stacked in my room. I can put it in my bag easily so that I can read it on the train or on the bus. I almost clicked “Buy” button on amazon.com but didn’t. Our life is becoming more and more convenient and we are surrounded by many IT gadgets. I can’t live without computers or cell phones. But how much more do I need? Am I chasing new things every time they hit the market? It’s not just about e-book, but about how I manage my life. I was thinking about it and saw a book shop and decided to stop by. They were offering 30 to 50% discount for second-hand English books. Well, I can start reading books again while spending less by buying second-hand books. I bought one book for 500 yen. That is, at least, a starting point.
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Interpreters are very competitive and aggressive. I know it all along. But recently I was wondering if it is really the case just for interpreters. I don’t think it is. It is about English-speaking Japanese women. There are a lot of English-speaking Japanese women who are overly aggressive. Why is that? I think I should write a thesis about this if I were to go back to university. I also realized that most of them are in their late 20s or 30s. It is quite overwhelming to see them expressing their feelings in a very explicit way and it is always about “Look at me,” “Appreciate me,” or “Let me do it.” I wonder if I was like that before. Maybe I was. We often complain about people never giving us any credit and treating us like a translation machine. I wonder this aggressiveness has something to do with one’s ability to speak English or with one’s age. Maybe both. When you go aboard to study English, you also learn how to express yourself. When you are in the age bracket, you have much faith in yourself and you believe you can be somebody if given an opportunity or you try hard. I am not saying people shouldn’t express themselves. Nothing is wrong with asserting oneself. But sometime if it’s gone too far, it becomes overwhelming and almost scary. It is also applicable to me. I have to strike a good balance between being assertive and not becoming too aggressive.
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